Children Bilingual Books

Why Bilingual Children Excel in Learning

Researchers today find that bilingualism significantly impacts brain functionality. Dr. Maria Arredondo, a developmental psychologist from the University of Texas at Austin, studies these impacts on young children. She found that language acquisition becomes more difficult as we age out of early childhood. High school students sitting in a Spanish class are known as sequential […]

The Path to Early Biliteracy though Children Bilingual Books

Our grandchild turned three in 2017. His parents are bilingual French and English speakers, and French was mostly spoken in the home, although our grandson heard a high degree of English through various forms of media. My wife speaks to him in her first language of French. I speak no French and converse with him […]

Five Reasons to Stock More Bilingual Books

Today, public and school libraries carry a plethora of children’s books, in every size, shape, color, and genre. Most children’s sections are fun, engaging, and entertaining. They are also nearly 99% filled with English books. That’s not say there aren’t books in Spanish, along with some French and Chinese. However, for the most part, libraries […]

Library Ideas VOX Books

Ordering Dual-text Children’s Books for Your Public or School Library through Library Ideas New to Library Ideas? Library Ideas is a global media company that designs and builds their own innovative products. One such product is their VOX talking books which are hardback books with an attached audio device that narrates the book as the […]

Ingram Content

Ordering Dual-text Children’s Books for Your Public or School Library through Ingram Content New to Ingram Content? Ordering is easy. Sign up today and gain access to millions of book titles with competitive discounts. Proceed to to apply for an account for you school or public library. 1. Enter your email address, country and […]

EBooks At Overdrive

EBooks At Overdrive Children Bilingual Books is proud to announce the release of 50 of our top titles and languages in eBook format for Libraries and schools. At the request from numerous libraries across the country, we have partnered with OverDrive to manage our eBook content. Please access your library’s OverDrive catalog for 50 titles […]

A Story of Determination

Our lead author and book designer at Children Bilingual Books is Denise Bourgeois, originally from a small township 40 minutes west of Montreal. She was raised bilingual, attending French schools before transferring to an English bilingual high school. Her childhood was tough, but she said she never knew any better. She lived with her six […]

State List

Children Bilingual Books Hit Libraries across the Country Why do some libraries carry more Children Bilingual Books than others? Unknown. However, I would suspect that most have yet to hear about the selection of dual-text books offered to libraries in audio, print and eBook formats. All that is about to change. The growth of our […]

Audio EBooks Hit The Bilingual Book Market

Audio EBooks Hit The Bilingual Book Market Electronic books are nothing new. Audio books are nothing new. However, when you combine the two technologies, you get a 21st century product designed to give a child the ultimate experience in learning to read. Recently at Children Bilingual Books, we’ve been releasing some of our hardback books as […]

Publishing Right-to Left Script

Publishing Dual-Text Books Why Libraries and Schools Do Not Carry More Dual-text Books For anyone learning to read a second language, the first question often asked is “Why don’t they just make books in dual-text, so I can see the meaning of the word in my own language without looking up every other word.” Make […]