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EBooks At Overdrive

Children Bilingual Books is proud to announce the release of 50 of our top titles and languages in eBook format for Libraries and schools. At the request from numerous libraries across the country, we have partnered with OverDrive to manage our eBook content. Please access your library’s OverDrive catalog for 50 titles now available. We will continue to add more titles and languages in the near future.

Making dual-language books available for communities is important to us. We hope all library patrons who speak a second language will continue to advocate for books in their native language. One in five households speak a second language, yet only 3% of our books are translated. This is a disparity in literature that must be addressed. At Children Bilingual Books, we endeavor to develop books for all children, to bridge cultural gaps, and ensure early learners know they are included and accepted into American culture.

Please check out our eBook catalog, check out your local library, and check out our books. Your children will soon check in to reading.

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