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Each book is professionally formatted to fit most all devices and readers. OverDrive is the leader in providing eBook content for libraries across the country. Most libraries subscribe to their vast catalog of books, including a large number of children illustrated books. Children Bilingual Books, however, is one of the only vendors to develop content with dual text in 20 languages, offering the books in an electronic format.

President and Managing Director of Children Bilingual Books Garth Vance says, “Every parent in the U.S. should have the opportunity to read to their child in their family language. It is for this reason; we have decided to open up our children’s book line to libraries across the country. Our hope is that all second-language households will take advantage of the offer.”


SCHOOLS, Libraries, & Non-profits

Join early learning programs across the county who have added our dual-text books to their own school and classroom libraries. Purchase direct from Ingram Content.

3rd Party retailers

Purchase books direct from your Ingram account for a 55% discount for hardback and soft cover books in 25 languages. Mix and match titles and languages from the Sophia and Alex 11-volume series. 

Direct to Client

Ask about our direct-to-client book purchase with free shipping. Email for a quote today and save 35 – 50% off when purchased in bulk quantities.


Accelerate your child’s reading ability but checking out one of our Sophia and Alex audiobooks in your family language. Read a story aloud to your children or let us read to them through our audio books in print or eBook format. Pump up the volume! Use our print books with an attached audio Vox player or use our eBooks that highlights the words as the narrator reads the text aloud. Either way, learn proper pronunciation of words as your child not only learns to read in another language, but speak it was well.



For every brave immigrant who dared plant a foot on the shore of a new horizon, for every valiant refugee who knocked on our nation’s door seeking asylum, and for every child looking for love and acceptance; we welcome you, we embrace you, and we celebrate your arrival to a country founded on new beginnings, second chances, and an opportunity to gain a slice of the American Dream.

At Advance Books, we believe that the obstacles facing dual-language learners can easily transition themselves to strengths when language and culture are incorporated into early childhood programs. When the playing field is leveled, all benefit.

Our hope is that every immigrant and refugee family use the tools afforded them to unlock their child’s full potential.

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