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Whether you are a teacher, librarian, or parent, finding books in non-English languages can be an arduous task.  At Children Bilingual Books, we make that task a bit easier by offering clients our 11-volume Sophia and Alex series, translated into 20 languages, all with English dual text. Parents and grandparents alike can now read stories to their early learners in hardback, softcover, eBook, and audio formats. NOW OVERDRIVE EBOOKS HALF OFF UNTIL FEBRUARY 15th, 2023.


SOPHIA AND ALEX SERIES Children Bilingual Books is proud to present the Sophia and Alex series of 11 illustrated dual-language books. In addition to offering hard and soft covers in 20 languages, a large assortment of titles are now available in eBook and audio formats. Schools and libraries around the country are now expanding their collection of bilingual books.


Acquiring our dual-text books is easy, whether it be ordering in hardback, soft cover, eBook or audio format. Our collection of bilingual books spans over 20 languages and are available through a variety of channels, distributors, and retailers. Whether it be a physical or digital version, bilingual children across the country are learning to read simultaneously in multiple languages.


One in five households in the U.S. speak a second language in the home, yet only three percent of our literature is translated. Compare this with Italy where 50% of their books are non-Italian. This seventeen percent gap in literature continues to grow wider year-by-year with little hope of ever reaching equilibrium with English-based literature. Children Bilingual Books endeavors to reverse this trend by publishing a genre of books largely ignored by traditional publishers.



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Publishing Dual-text Books

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Journey to a New Land

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