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Our Author’s Story

admin Our Author’s Story A Story of Determination Our lead author and book designer at Children Bilingual Books is Denise Bourgeois, originally from a small township 40 minutes west of Montreal. She was raised bilingual, attending French schools before transferring to an English bilingual […] February 18, 2023

A Ukrainian’s Story

A Ukrainian’s Story Behind the Translation When a person translates eleven of your books, you really get to know them. Of the dozens of translators, we’ve worked with over the years, each brought their own unique talent and perspective to the work. From […] March 17, 2023

Publishing Dual-text Books

Publishing Dual-text Books Why Libraries and Schools Do Not Carry More Dual-text Books For anyone learning to read a second language, the first question often asked is “Why don’t they just make books in dual-text, so I can see the meaning of the[...]
January 18, 2023

Journey to a New Land

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