Children Bilingual Books

Advance Books welcomes all Texas School Districts participating in cooperative book purchasing. Children Bilingual Books now has nine cooperative contracts servicing a vast majority of with school districts across the good state of Texas.

The 11-volume Sophia and Alex dual-text series is designed to supplement public and private school early learning curriculums with emphasis on instilling the social and emotional skills children need to be successful in the classroom and at home.

Translated into 18 languages by native speakers, the series offers children and their parents the opportunity to practice reading with side-by-side dual text to strengthen language skills while familiarizing oneself with new cultural and societal attributes. “When we celebrate our differences, we find our commonalities,” Denise Bourgeois-Vance, author and creator of Sophia and Alex.

If you are a Texas early learning educator, these books are designed for your families. Call our managing director, Garth Vance at (425) 652-5229, or contact your district’s purchasing department for more information on obtaining your bilingual books. Your parents will love you for it.

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