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Teach Through Story Telling

Early childhood educators know the key to preparing preschoolers for kindergarten is two-fold.

First, hire capable teachers who care for their student and have a love for teaching. Second, give these teachers the tools needed to teach their children.

The California Department of Education states that four-year-olds, in particular, have specific needs. They need to explore, to try out, and to test limits. They need reasonable limits set for their protection. They need to learn to give and take and play well with others. And, most of all, they need to be talked to, listened to and read to. A parent or teacher reading to a child enables that child to find higher levels of curiosity, compassion and creativeness. Books are an important tool, readily available to substantiate the lessons learned in school and at home. If you are a parent of a preschooler, there is little more important you can do for your child than to read to them.

Finding books with characters your child can relate with is essential. This allows them to insert themselves into the story and experience the event first hand. Stretching storylines across a multi-book series strengthens this character relationship and is more apt to teach young readers the lessons of the stories as they become more acquainted with each character.

Illustrations define the mood of the book. When teaching real life lessons as in the Sophia and Alex series, realistic art can be much more effective and give children points of commonality when making comparison to their own environment.

The Sophia and Alex series, is intended to provide teachers with a tool that reinforces attributes conducive to the needs of any four-year-old. If a parent reads each of the 10 books to their child, they will see a positive change in their child’s life.

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