Children Bilingual Books

Commonly known as Panacademic Bilingual Deficiency Syndrome…

Parents and educators alike are seeing an increased demand for bilingual books in a nation struggling to keep pace with the growing number bilingual students enrolled in our schools. “It’s a crisis unlike anything we’ve witnessed before,” said one concerned school administrator. The only cure she said is to feed our students with a steady diet of dual-text early learning books, translated into multiple languages.

As an up-and-coming contributor of dual-text books, Children Bilingual Books (CBB) eagerly leads the 2023 charge in providing a cure for the 70M+ bilingual residents suffering from an insufficient number of non-English books to read to their children. The results have been phenomenal. Children are now finding books in their native tongue and learning to read in both languages simultaneously! Parents are elated to have the option of reading to their child in English or their native language.

What a literary breakthrough this is for libraries and schools from Seattle to Daytona Beach, Los Angeles to New York. These 11-volumes from the Sophia and Alex series are simply flying off the shelves. “Finally,” says one native Ukrainian grandmother, “I can read books to my grandkids in our own language.
CBB recommends parents call their local libraries and school administrators to ensure their children have access to these highly innovative books. Says CBB, “The benefits are plenteous. If a child shows early signs of mispronouncing words, parents should rush them to their nearest participating library and check out the Sophia and Alex audio books on VOX. The revived student will be back enunciating words properly in no time at all.”

If a parent can’t drive to their local library, they should immediately switch over to their library’s online service and check out the eBook versions of the series. Should their child’s reading proficiency start to weaken, boost their confidence with a high-octane dose of audio-eBooks. Words are digitally highlighted as the narrator reads the story. Your student will be spitting out new words faster than you can say “I love Children Bilingual Books.”

If you are a school or library not yet participating in the Sophia and Alex bilingual series, please call the emergency CBB hotline at (425) 652-5229, or email us at, and find out how to obtain our books though Libby/Sora (eBook & audio-eBook), Vox (print hardback), or IngramSpark (hardback). Paperbacks and hardbacks can also be shipped direct from Children Bilingual Books at a 35 to 50% discount. See our catalog for more details.
Please help the fight to end our nation’s Panacademic Bilingual Deficiency Syndrome today.

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